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Question: How to record just one register to the database?


Normally database data are recorded automatically by intervals of time in Recording column when a database is defined.

When its needed the record just one register:

1 - Define a database at the tag sheet. 2 - Erase Recording column data of the database tags.

3 - In a script, for example inside an OnClick button event, type:


if you want to specify just one group of tags type Tags.RecordNow ( “groupname” ) If there is more than one database, to record just one of them independently of groups, choose a tag from that database and type Tags.RecordNow ( “tagname” )

If you want to record when an tag is triggered:


if Tag1 = 1 then
 Tag1 = 0
end if

To prevent from repeating:

if Tag1 = 1 then
if Tag1.ValueChanged = 1 then
 Tag1.ValueChanged = 0
end if
end if

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