Examples of 3D interface in LAquis SCADA

It is possible to create 3D interfaces by drawing in the SCADA itself or by importing from other software (*.OBJ). Associate textures name to the panels and tags. Each texture will be updated according to the panel drawing and the tag value. When importing 3D models, just put the texture name with the format panelname_tagname. Example: Display_Group1_Tag1, where "Display" is the panel (screen) defined in the LAquis SCADA and "Group1_Tag1" is the tag name to be associated with the panel.

These three first examples use some existing 3d obj files and associates the real-time tag values to their textures. The fourth example uses a direct LAquis drawing.

(* Imported models from "Sketchup 3D Warehouse" showing data and animation in real-time through opengl.)