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Sistema LAquis SCADA

System requirements: Multi-core, RAM 8GB
Space: 95 MB
OS support: Windows

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SCADA software download gets the installer. It can be installed in any folder you want.
The SCADA system installed on the computer can be used to design the screens, define input and output items ("tags"), SCADA database, generate statistical reports and optionally script source codes.
SCADA results reports can be specific if you like. Specific layouts, specific statistical calculations and optionally events in scripts. The SCADA software can be launched by clicking on the Play button. It can be full screen or with real-time data.
To define the drivers, drag the mouse over the “tags”, in the Driver column. You can choose for example MODBUS RTU, MODBUS TCP, VAR (generic local variable), OPC, Omron, CompactLogix etc. If you want other drivers, you can search and consult the Knowledge Base. And overall, the initial step by step can be here: Step by Step.
You can download the SCADA software and install it for testing. Any question you can ask on whatsapp or email.

In the Param1 column, in the case of MODBUS, just put the address in the format, for example 400000, and in the Param2 column, it is usually the equipment number. SCADA system allows you to export shape data in various ways. Also, SCADA can optionally be monitored in real time via the WEB. There are several ready-made examples, depending on the application area, ready-made examples can be sent for development. In the SCADA software, in the New menu, there are some examples. The main one is “Generic for development”, which has variables (tags) separated by groups and login. To define the SCADA database, just drag the mouse over the database column. To generate the report, after running it once with the database, just create a button, direct mouse, menu “Show this button report”. It has several report templates that can be used for SCADA software reporting. After downloading, install as administrator if you can. The software folder has the optional structure for developing applications. However, you can place it in whatever position you want.

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