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SCADA MQTT example

MQTT procotol in the SCADA software.

1 – First download and install the SCADA software:


2 – Download the example here:

Unpack in some folder and open the “example.lqs” file by the SCADA software:


The driver is MQTT1 and the config is .MQTT1 like this example:



In the SCADA software, the MQTT topics can be typed in the Param1 column.



MQTT Settings:


The MQTT configurator is in the sub-directory “data”.

Example c:\Program Files (x86)\LAquis\data\mqtt1.exe



Run the mqtt1.exe, click on the icon with mouse right button, select menu Configure.




1 – Server: domain or IP from the MQTT broker server.
2 – Port: specific MQTT port from the server.
3 – User: user name for login to the server.
4 – Pass: password for login to the server.

Click on the button Start to communicate.