SCADA monitoring

SCADA Monitoring reads the sensors, shows the data on the user interface and generates a historical log with reports.

The SCADA software is used to track and trace the information.
The system follows and can also optionally control in some cases, for example switching on and off relays or changing the voltage.

SCADA Monitoring

The sensors communicate with the software through communication protocols. They can be serial, ethernet or WIFI. Some protocols can be MODBUS.
The IOT (internet of things) framework has many forms.
Telemetry can also be used via internet, GSM, SMS, etc. A protocol currently used for telemetry over the internet is MQTT.
It depends on the specific technology for each case.

Various types of information can be monitored: voltage, temperature, power, levels, counts, etc.

SCADA Report

Industrial automation sometimes has the need to monitor in real time. Generating alarms when they exceed the limits.
Management, which monitors and controls the system, is important to maintain production quality and safety in real time.
The production count also follows the quality and time.
In the case of water treatment, levels and pumps are monitored in real time.

Electrical systems must be configured correctly for durability.

The SCADA software to SCADA monitoring.
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